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Retirement planning a vital part of our lives.
Your income is your biggest asset! Just think that at retirement age your income stops. At present the government pays an old age pension. This is a small amount compared with the income most people are earning just before they retire. It is up to you to try and provide an income for retirement. If you think about it, you need to build up a cash fund that will give you an income for a potential 20 years or more, if you retire at age 65. Some people will want to retire earlier. So the sooner you start planning and putting money aside, the easier it will be to build up a retirement fund.
Personal - PRSA. / Personal Pension Plan / AVC
Personal plans are suitable for sole traders and employees who wish to have control over their own retirement plans. PRSA's are most suited to people who might be changing employment frequently or who might be in and out of work, as they can be started and stopped anytime without penalty or you can continue contributions while out of work (if you are not paying tax, then you cannot claim tax relief on your contributions). I can advise you on all your options for your personal plan, PRSA or AVC, including your entitlements at work.
Company - Director's Scheme / Group Scheme / AVC
If you are in a position as a director or senior staff in a company and wish to avail of the advantages of company contributions to your own pension or wish to learn about staff schemes, I can provide all the information and advice you need and guide you through the available options.
Self Directed Schemes - choose your own investments.
Self Directed Pension Schemes are now available through approved pension providers which makes this option very attractive. The pension provider has the pension approved structure in place and you just make the investment decisions. With the Self Directed Pension Option you become the fund manager and you can invest in insurance funds or assets outside the normal insurance funds. These assets have to be within pension invetsment rules.
Retirement Options
If you are thinking of retirement or have just retired and wish to review your post retirement options, I can provide all the information and advice you need and guide you through the available options.
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